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We are committed to the privacy and security of our users. The Computer Tricks and Tips toolbar is completely safe to install and use: it is unobtrusive, easy to deactivate and remove, and does not transmit any information in a manner that can identify a user. Unidentifiable statistics are sent to our system regarding usage of features. The statistics are completely anonymous and do not contain any personal identification. Users are allowed to disable statistical data transfer at any given time. We do not match individual users with their specific Web or software usage and don't share the specifics with anybody.
Our promise:
   DOES NOT spy on your browsing habits.  
   DOES NOT launch pop-up or pop-under advertisements. Our business model is based on displaying sponsored links on search results pages (advertisers pay per click, not per appearance).  
   DOES NOT "hijack" your searches.  
   DOES NOT modify pages you visit.  
   DOES NOT block uninstallation. Our software can be removed in seconds by using a standard uninstaller.  
   DOES NOT create security holes: The software will not make it easier for other people or programs to access your computer.  
   DOES NOT and will not sell or rent your email address and other personal information.  

Join the hundreds of others all around the world who are enjoying our toolbar everyday!
- David -
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 Live Notifier

With the CT&T Toolbar you can now log into Facebook and have live alerts right on your desktop every time someone posts. Change your status, share content with your friend and get notified about new messages - directly from the 'Computer Tricks and Tips' toolbar.
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More than a billion transistors are manufactured... every second.

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Download and install our Free Handy and completely Safe Toolbar for your Internet Explorer and Firefox Browser. Many handy tools including popup blocker, cache cleaner, radio player, TV player, Facebook Helper and much more..Now compatible with the Safari browser.
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