A bit about who we are and what we do................

 The group was created July 21/2002. Shortly after I created the group, Bernie joined as my first Moderator. As time went by and the group began to grow, we appointed additional moderators. The entire team is well experienced in Computers and the Internet with a good reputation all around the ITT communities.

The concept behind the creation of the Computer Tricks and Tips Group was to provide PC help for anyone who may need it.

The Group is like a family of friends. From PC Beginners to Computer Scientists, all are Welcome, no question is too simple or too complicated. We have Group Members from a variety of Countries with varying levels of skill. We endeavor to give help in a way that can be understood, regardless of your level of expertise. None of us know it all and with the pace that technology moves, we are all students. The aim of the Group is to make that learning curve, just that little bit easier for us all.

This is a Family Group. We take our Group Rules very serious. They are all there for a reason. All Members are required to follow them. Please know the rules before and after you join us. You can read our complete Group Rules here: Group Rules

We require that you use a proper name or nick name for this Group. We also require all posts to begin with a Salutation and end with a Signature. If your Yahoo Profile contains any Adult Material, Bad Language, or links to the same, your request for membership will NOT be approved. No Names of an Adult Nature will be  approved!